We delve into the past to publish as yet unseen works from Chalet collaborators. 1st up is Phil Penman's photography from the 2013 edition of the Red Hook Crit, Brooklyn.

This weekend marks the next evolution of the RHC empire with RHC London. Chalet won't be there, but we'll be following from afar as the world's best track bike criterium exponents race the streets of Greenwich. We've watched RHC blossom from an anarchic, grass roots event of questionable legality and inclusive standards, to a choreographed global juggernaught where only the most highly trained hipsterjocks make the cut, and the messengers, enthusiasts and groupies don't stand a chance. It doesn't prevent them from flocking in droves to try.

2013 marked the inflection point in this shift, and Phil Penman was there to shoot it.