New York - Montréal

New York - Montréal: Part 1

Maybe it was over a glass of wine or maybe it was on a training ride, either way it wasn’t long after selecting Montréal as Chalet 002’s guest city that the idea of riding there was hatched. What better way to come to grips with the geographic and cultural divide between these two cities? Thankfully, we found willing comrades from the north and before we knew it, it was summer and we'd rolled out of the Lower East Side on the 440 mile, four-day ride to Montréal.

We'd come together for the first time the night before, in an East Broadway endroit and we were not quite sure what to expect of the trip, or each other. The planning was loose: no reservations, no fixed route. Just a time to leave on day 1, the name of the bar in Montréal that served as the finish line, and (somewhat optimistic) goals of the towns we would sleep in along the way.

The crew was a strange international mix of fixie and roadies, lycra and jeans, sneakers and Sidi shoes. This was definitely gonna be an interesting ride.

Any ride should start with good coffee.

We left town at 9am. It was sunny, hot and humid.

New York in the summer is a colorful place.

We got to the George Washington Bridge pretty quickly. Only 115 miles to go...

Now in New Jersey, we hit River Road, training ground for all the cycling fanatics living in and around the big city.

The 1st signs of fatigue (or was it poor gearing) at mile 25.

At mile 40 we reached Haverstraw. Haverstraw is kind of like a very small New York City.

See what we mean?

There is an inexplicable satisfaction in crossing the Hudson river after Bear Mountain.

What do you find in cyclists pockets?

This is how we like our cars: silent, old and almost dead.

The sun is going down, we've almost arrived in Hudson after a brutal 130 miles in 97 degrees weather.

Finally... Hudson

Stay tuned for the next part in the adventure, coming soon...