What better way to come to grips with the geographic and cultural divide between two cities then riding from one to the other? This is the second part of our journey from New York to Montréal: Hudson, NY to Bennington, VT. It was shot by the master of shooting from the bike: Monsieur Phil Penman.

We woke up in Hudson and did what any self-respecting cyclist does when they wake up: ate a lot of pancakes.

In the middle of the Lower East Side or tucked inside a house in Hudson, Chalets are everywhere.

"Fast Jimmy" Stevens does not care much for "pit stops" or other types of time wasting or bodily recuperation, he has his eyes and mind on one thing: the road ahead.

We're back on the beautiful curving roads. Things are getting quieter and smoother as we approach Vermont.

The grit and edginess of the metropolis is left behind, replaced by more gentle but equally odd landscapes.

The simple joy of hydrating.

As we reached the border with Vermont, we crossed paths with another type of rider, potentially doing another kind of "hydrating".

Passing through small towns and villages, imagining what stories are tucked out of view.

The tourists are far less dangerous in Vermont. They have so much more room to play.

The "green mountain boys"?

Stay tuned for the next part in the adventure, coming soon...